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The development prospect and inevitable trend of Chinese Internet website construction

  2017/6/26 17:02:39


  Although China's current Internet website construction and development has achieved certain results, it is still facing a very severe test。At the same time, it is also a new challenge for us. In this era of highly developed society, challenges and difficulties coexist, how do we face it correctly and how do we develop well?
    Let's start by analyzing exactly where the challenge is coming from:
  The first is that the traditional network structure is not flexible, and the transportation is rigid。Can not well adapt to this era of rapid development, the problems in sustainable development are becoming more and more severe day by day, can not better adapt to the growth of demand。
  The second is that with the increasing number of Internet users, the traffic is also increasing rapidly, and the network running speed and traffic have serious retardation。
  Third, there are security risks in network security, spiritual activities and applications in the transmission industry and developing economic entities。
  The existence of these problems must be improved and solved by our generation, and only in this way can the Internet have rapid development in our country。
  Second, we need to clarify the way of thinking and ideas to solve the problem
  In order to solve the above problems, we must develop a set of practical network architecture system。This network architecture can fully meet the needs of today's society and has to be developable to prepare for long-term development。
  First, simplicity and openness。That is to say, the architecture development has simple characteristics and openness, and can not be too bloated and redundant, and the idea is blocked。
  Second, strong expansion, safe and reliable。This requires that long-term development be fully taken into account in the design architecture, which can continue to expand to achieve the needs of multiple fields。
  Third, be efficient and flexible。To achieve the high efficiency of the network to meet the needs of various industries。
  The development of website construction is now an inevitable trend of global development, we should seize the opportunity, with a new perspective to look at the problems, to solve the problems, the Internet of our country to develop into a platform to effectively integrate various needs of resources, which is also the inevitable trend of the development of the Internet of our country。

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