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Mobile product services

The huge market of 800 million mobile users opens a new era of fingertip marketing。 Main business: micro website, wechat platform, mobile website, App application development, etc

  • Micro-site construction

    Micro official website, micro mall, differential sales From micro signal application, micro website exquisite professional production, micro marketing introduction to actual application operation

  • Mobile website

    Mobile website WAP website Mobile website, wap website amount text description

  • 微信

    Application services and product services based on wechat terminal It is easier to open the wechat public platform and one-stop operation

Play micro marketing save time, worry and effort

From wechat signal application, exquisite professional production of micro-website, micro-marketing introduction to actual application operation training, so that you can easily start mobile marketing

Micro website-- Full display of merchant brands

Quickly build cool wechat website
Visual editing, the first drag-and-drop operation in China
Massive templates, individual DIY
Flexible layout, free creativity

Micro member-- Increase fan enthusiasm and second visits

Scan the QR code and the membership grows exponentially
Easy to carry and keep forever
Unique member points system, rich points mode
Membership level, improve the activity of fans
Through data analysis, content is accurately pushed to guide consumption again

e-coupon-- Stimulate customer consumption

Coupons are electronic, and the whole process of issuance and use can be tracked
Facilitate marketing effect statistics and make data support for further marketing needs

microactivity-- Detonate popularity

A variety of marketing activities such as big turntable, scratch-off, and smashing golden eggs are added with one click
Through the sharing of activities, drive the circle of friends, stimulate the growth of fans, and explode in popularity
Fans have better interaction and experience, which brings unexpected results for the conversion of secondary sales

Differential pin-- Open unlimited branches with one key distribution

The most professional wechat mall + distribution franchise + three-level rebate
Unlimited downstream development, so that your distribution all over the world
One-click operation, the main store quickly build unlimited distribution sub-stores,
Anyone could easily open a store, and distribution spread rapidly。

Mobile website WAP website

From wechat signal application, exquisite professional production of micro-website, micro-marketing introduction to actual application operation training, so that you can easily start mobile marketing

APP Application development

Mobile APP applications have been widely used in e-commerce, life services, smart tourism, mobile finance, telemedicine, palm real estate, mobile hotels, e-government, games and entertainment, e-magazines and many other mobile fields。

Which enterprises or individuals need to do APP applications:

A business or individual with a close connection to the Internet。
Companies or individuals who want to reach the masses。
Enterprises or individuals who want to easily seek business opportunities and tap new customers through the Internet。
Enterprises or individuals who hope to achieve diversified information interaction through the network and establish a global information interaction and resource sharing network。

To meet the development trend of the new era, more than 500 ios apps have been developed in the original Apple App Store。 So far, according to the latest data released, Apple's App Store has exceeded 1 million apps。 The apps developed on the market cover people's life, entertainment, mobile e-commerce, urban planning, real estate design, catering, advertising and other fields, and are also changing people's living habits step by step。 The development of Apple's IOS mobile app software has brought the promotion of corporate brands, corporate mobile e-commerce, entertainment, games, life and other mobile software APP services to our customers, and helped enterprises quickly realize the latest mobile Internet strategic layout。

Android is an open-source mobile operating system developed by Google based on the Linux platform。It includes the operating system, user interface and applications - all the software needed to work on a mobile phone - without any of the proprietary barriers that have hindered innovation in the mobile industry in the past。Google developed Android in partnership with the Open Handset Alliance, a group of more than 30 technology and wireless application leaders, including China Mobile, MOTOROLA, Qualcomm, HTC and T-Mobile。
The general process of APP customization: demand communication, interaction design, visual design, front-end production, technical development, test feedback Optimize product processes, enhance product usability, improve user efficiency, and scientifically organize research and development。

Professional UI design team with innovative design concepts, develop perfect solutions, to provide customers with a complete user experience design from user research, interaction design, visual design。
Scientific design process is the guarantee of good design quality, The design team has a relatively clear division of labor and process,The pursuit of design quality is more reflected in the details, In line with the "meticulous carving, excellence" attitude to ponder every detail,Take "user first" design as the starting point,Take into account the "strategic objectives" to complete each design。

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