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com is short for company, indicating the company enterprise。.com is currently the most widely popular universal domain name format in the world, with more than 1 user worldwide.1亿个。All international companies are domain name。

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.net is a universal domain name format widely popular in the world。Generally used to engage in Internet-related network services of institutions or companies, is to establish a global business brand, international image of the choice。


.cn domain name is managed by China's international top-level domain name, is China's own Internet identity, cn generally represents China, it reflects a cultural identity, its own value and positioning。At present, cn domain names have a large market in the world, suitable for any enterprise, organization, and individual registration。


.org is also a universal domain name format widely popular in the world。Suitable for all types of organizations, including non-profit groups。.There are no restrictions on the registration of domain name, and individuals or businesses from any country can register。

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