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Analysis of Yitai wechat circle of friends advertising experience and matters

2019/4/19 17:01:28

The advertising process of wechat circle of friends may not be particularly clear, so I will share it here in the hope that it can be useful to everyone, and I really want to be friends to promote the circle of friends can understand it for myself。

When doing wechat circle of friends advertising, you must have the company's qualification, the company's business license, and in some special industries, you need to show industry documents and authorization certificates。

When doing wechat circle of friends advertising, you need to register a wechat public number of your own, which is used to open advertisers。This is also a necessary step in doing wechat circle of friends advertising。

Circle of friends advertising form is text + picture, picture can view the details, enter their own set of wechat graphic message, you can tell their own products, services, anyway is the most attractive users to tell it out。

一.Wechat friend advertising circle copy restrictions。

1. The text title should be streamlined, the best two or three sentences can explain the meaning, the outer text needs to be controlled within 40 words。Punctuation included。Let the user understand the purpose of the advertisement, product interest, click into the graphic message, and then look at the next step。

2.At present, the advertising audit of the circle of friends is still relatively strict, and there must be no words that violate the new advertising law, and there must be no words to induce sharing, so the copywriting is still more challenging。

3.Data, certificates, agency recommendations, reports, etc., need to provide written evidence。For example: to place a trademark, you need to show a trademark registration certificate。

4.Note that you can not directly jump to the third party website, only can enter the wechat graphic message page。

二.  Wechat graphic message page
AD landing page can only be wechat graphic message,You want to directly land your own page (referred to as the page,The pages of your site that you want your users to see) are impossible,One way is: you make a page in the form of wechat articles,Let the user see what feels like a page;Then put the service number on the article,The advantage is that the service number article can be directly inserted a link (preferably in the form of a button),Lead to user click),Users can directly click to enter their own page。

The second is that you can use the function of reading the original text to set the page to read the original text and lead the user to the page as much as possible。

三.Circle of friends advertising promotion time
Advertising is charged in the form of presentation, if we are choosing a slightly accurate user portrait (such as 25-40 years old, love home, design, fashion and other attributes), these people will be relatively small, the display time will be slightly longer。Pay attention, try not to put in between the holidays, it is difficult to vote out。
If you want to consider the time issue, everyone feels that it is better to choose Monday for business promotion, and 10 o 'clock is the ideal time. The peak period for reading wechat articles is between 9 and 10 o 'clock。

Wechat circle of friends advertising

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