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How can merchants quickly open wechat Pay 0.2% (two-thousandths) rate?

2024/2/21 16:32:21

As we all know, merchants generally go to wechat Pay official application payment interface, the general rate is 0.6% (that is, 6 ‰, that is, 1000 yuan of transaction costs need 6 yuan commission)。

Specifically, we first understand the corresponding qualifications, rates and settlement cycles of wechat official merchant categories。(Click to enter

How to quickly apply for wechat Pay 0.2% (two-thousandths) rate?

The following materials need to be prepared:

1, business license photo:

2, legal identity card, front and back photos:

3, self-employed individuals to provide corporate bank card number;The enterprise provides an account opening branch (company to public account) - used to settle the account T+1 into the account。

4, provide administrator: name, mobile phone number, email。

5. Get a business name

6. Store LOGO and 2 photos of store/office environment;

After preparing the above information, wechat scan the code to enter the application to fill in and upload the information (generally opened within 10 minutes)。

Wechat scan code to enter the application

First, after entering the wechat scan code, move to the bottom of the page, click the "I am ready" button, enter the submit information

Two: Choose the type of your business license

Three: Upload the business license (automatic identification, no need to manually fill in), fill in the short name of the merchant, customer service phone number, select the business category (included in the business license), select the rate you need to open (0.2%-0.6%), the corresponding service fee is different according to the rate (the fee is not high, it is a one-time fee, no application can be refunded, can be invoiced)

Four: Upload the corresponding photos of the company or store

Step 5: Upload the front and back of the legal person or person in charge of the ID card, automatic identification information, no need to fill in

Step 6: Fill in the settlement bank card information (individual fill in the legal person's private bank card, enterprise fill in the public account information)

Submit your application and wait a few minutes to sign up。

Common problems:

First, why can we open as low as 0 for enterprise and self-employed customers.2% rate?

Webmaster Home is the official authorized partner of wechat Pay, providing services for merchants, assisting merchants to open wechat Pay, and has the authority to expand merchants' payment business。

Second, what is the difference between the function of applying through us and that of applying to the official application?

It's functionally identical!!!The interface we apply for is directly connected to the official wechat direct connection port, and the submitted information is synchronized to the official wechat in real time!Please feel free to open!

Can I apply again if I have applied before?

You can reapply and use the new merchant ID to enjoy the lowest rate!

Fourth, will the rate change after the opening?It doesn't go back to zero in a few days.6%了吧?

After opening, as long as it has been used normally, it is maintained 0.2% rate, revert to 0 if unused for more than 180 days.6% rate, can contact customer service after recovery!

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