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The work flow of the whole case operation of Tiktok: Zibo Yitai Information

What is the work flow of the whole case agent operation?Our company has been operating in Dalian for several years. After continuous iteration, the working process can be basically divided into the following five steps。
2023/11/28 16:57:46

The first is ip positioning, including the positioning of the research and planning account, the construction of the account, and the layout of the s e o。

The second step is content operation, including topic selection, script, video shooting, private message and comment area operation, streaming data and video data monitoring and market trends。And then based on the above data to iterate。

The third is product packaging。Product packaging is mainly through the investigation of competitive products, and according to the customer's own situation to design drainage products and produce products。Including sales link design。In fact, this step is often done in conjunction with the first step。

The fourth step is to transact。Now many customers are free to transform the team, we will help him to carry out an iteration of sales。Including a management and follow-up of his sales team。
The last and most important thing is the establishment of operation and risk control system。This is actually the most valuable part of our company, which is not detailed in public。Interested employers can contact us directly。  Tel: 0533-3192927, mobile: 18866638365

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