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Zibo Tiktok production company analysis how to improve the number of Tiktok video conversion?

After the release of the Douyin video, the platform will analyze the short video of Douyin, and then get the conversion number of Douyin video, but many Douyin users do not understand, want to know the meaning of the conversion number of Douyin video?
2023/12/1 10:56:28

1, the premise of traffic and conversion rate is to improve the quality of video content。Video content should be steadily created and continue to be output to increase user conversions and drive user discussion and search for the product。In order to establish a unique and unique personal design, the anthropomorphic image will resonate with users, integrate the product into daily life, and the audience is high, not only attracting the attention of users, but also improving the user's favor for the product。

2, before recommending products, we must understand the product, and then through professional explanation, recommend cost-effective products, with their own real experience to eliminate the audience's concerns about the product, so that the audience to establish a certain trust in the product, in order to promote fans to place orders。Then emphasize studio events and discounts, because low prices and ease of use are the main drivers for fans, and sometimes live discount events are also the main factors influencing fans to buy products。

3. In Tiktok, "Select 7 points, content 3 points"。Sometimes, the quality of the selection even determines the explosive power of the content output of Douyin, as well as the profits of Douyin live streaming。The choice of products is responsible to the fans。Fans will buy things recommended by Internet celebrities, one is believing the Internet celebrity, the other is really finding the product easy to use。Therefore, no matter what industry we are, it is very important to choose a right good product。At present, the characteristics of Tiktok celebrity products are: the product must sell well, just need to, but also to ensure that the price is the lowest。

4. When Douyin sells goods, the tone of the product video must be consistent with the product。If a sales video consists only of experts with a high appearance level and fast-paced background music, it is difficult to be convincing。Therefore, if the sales video is convincing, we must make a reasonable plan。Use gentle methods to introduce people into the product placement。

With a low number of Tiktok video conversions, there will be no new fan attention and the exposure rate will be reduced, so increasing the number of Tiktok conversions will optimize the quality of short video content。

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