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Small websites can also bring big business to companies

  2019/10/30 16:00:51

       In your mind, perhaps only a website that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars can bring good benefits to the enterprise。

       The art director of my company's art center is in charge, and the art director wants me to make a website to promote it。Because of the busy business of the company, I was not free until around April。So I divided a directory under the company's main station, spent a day or two to sort out some materials and make several pages on the website, and built the Art center website. At that time, I thought it would be very good if I could bring tens of thousands of business to the company a year。Unexpectedly, by the end of the year, in more than half a year, this small website actually brought the company more than expected turnover, which not only greatly exceeded the expectations of the art director, but also greatly exceeded my expectations。

      From the point of view of the website, this should be a very simple website, only less than ten pages, the entire content is relatively simple, only put the company profile and some case introduction。When I was planning this site, I was busy and didn't put much thought into it。However, the overall structure of the website is still very much in line with international standards, and has been included in many directories, and has a certain influence。

So the website construction does not have to be more complex, in fact, as long as according to the actual business, even if it is simple production, as long as the network company responsible for the operation of the high level, it can bring rich returns to the enterprise。

      Years of network communication practice and research have also brought us rich returns: on the one hand, the customers we serve,With our help,In the network communication application slowly on the track,And brought them great benefits;On the other hand,We ourselves also enable all aspects of our business through the Internet,Such as art design, film and television production, advertising design and other aspects to bring huge benefits,The company develops steadily and comprehensively,Make our company develop into an excellent network service enterprise in China,Established a good brand and reputation。

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