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Wechat public platform, card function introduction

  2018/7/28 16:51:40

First, the opening process

1. Log in to wechat public account, click "Add function plug-in", and click "Card function" in the plug-in library.。

2. Click "Open"。(Note: wechat authentication is required)

3. In the page that jumps to, step by step operate "View service agreement", "Fill in information", "Data preview" and "Submission successful", you can see that the status is "under review, it is expected to complete the review in 3 working days".。

Second, new card vouchers

1. Click on "Voucher Function", click on "+ New coupon"。

2. Select the card type you want to create (here select the card type as coupon)
3. Create a coupon:  
(1) Fill in the coupon information

After filling it out, click Next.


Confirm and click Submit for review

Third, card delivery

1.Back-end "drop" corresponding vouchers。

2. Select the delivery method and follow the steps to complete the delivery


Set the group object and click Group

4. Card cancellation

1. Click "+ Add a write-off Officer" under the "Card Usage" TAB.。

2. Follow the prompts to configure the write-off officer information


3. The verification officer pays attention to the "card broker assistant" public number

4.After entering the public account, complete the verification operation through the bottom menu

5. User coupon collection and use

Users will receive mass messages in the public account

Click to receive coupon

After the user arrives at the store, click to use immediately, display the payment code, and the verification officer will check and cancel

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