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Website title Baidu can not search, included normal, what is the reason

  2020/6/29 11:47:47

      Baidu algorithm is updated,If your website is all fake original or you have too little original will lead to this result,Check the site for cheating such as keyword stacking,And check to see if it's compromised by friendly links,If the link is downgraded, it will hurt your ranking,Good optimization ranking will come back can call me 13143641678

       First, whether the title of the website has been changed recently

      Many webmasters in the early days of the website due to the website keyword is not planned, resulting in frequent changes in the title of the website。The title of the page is the most important content in search engine optimization, always change the title will have a fatal blow to the site, many webmasters is to change the title after the site was downgraded。

       Second, whether the website server has a problem

      Many webmasters use virtual hosts in general。Due to the cheap price of web hosting, it is the choice of many small and medium station leaders。But the disadvantages of web hosting are also obvious, such as instability。Most deadly of all, all the websites on the web host are the same ip address, and if there is a website on it that is punished, your website will also be implicated。

       Third, whether a short time to add a large number of external chains

       The importance of the external chain to the website ranking is not much to say。But the external chain is focused on quality rather than quantity, remember that there is a tool called "website automation propaganda machine" with which it can increase a large number of external chains in a short time, but this external chain is also fast。Using this method to send external chains, it is sooner or later that the website is downgraded。

       Fourth, the website is not updated for a long time

       After a website is no longer managed, for search engines, for a long time there is no freshness, Baidu also likes fresh content, if the website is not updated for a long time, it will be abandoned by search engines。

       Five, the weight of the home page is lower than the weight of the inner page

      This is likely to be in the optimization process, the external chain points to the inside page many times, resulting in the weight of the inside page is higher than the home page, coupled with the quality of the home page is not much, and then Baidu only includes the inside page;

Solution: When doing the external chain or the internal chain, the link points to the home page appropriately, the weight balance, so that Baidu included the home page as soon as possible。    Zibo website construction


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