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  2019/9/30 15:32:53

A stroll around the Internet and not a single comprehensive article on LOGO proves that ONLY LOOG is the first of its kind。Poorfish had to reluctantly, personally, put together the following several paragraphs of text, oneself also feel that writing is very simple, shallow, if there is any problem, please do not hesitate to advise。Welcome to reprint, please indicate the author and source。

1. What is LOGO
Turning to the dictionary, we can find this explanation: "logo: n.Signage"。In the computer world, LOGO means a sign or logo。The main collection of the site LOGO, is the Internet sites used to link with other sites of the graphic logo。

Second, the role of LOGO
   1.Logos are logos and portals that link to and enable other websites to link to。
   The INTERNET is called "the Internet" because websites can be connected to each other。To get other people onto your site, you must provide a portal for them to enter。The graphical form of the LOGO, especially the dynamic LOGO, is more attractive than the link in the form of text。This is especially important in today's competition for attention。
   2.LOGO is an important embodiment of website image。
   How can a well-dressed person have his business card stained?For a website, the LOGO is the business card of the website。For a website that pursues beauty, the LOGO is its soul, the so-called "finishing touch"。
   3.LOGO makes it easy for the audience to choose。
   A good LOGO often reflects some information about the website and its maker, especially for a commercial website, from which we can basically understand the type of the website, or the content。In a link page with various logos, this will be highlighted。Think about how important it is for your audience to have a LOGO that makes it easy to see the type and content of the site it represents when they are looking for the specific content of the site in a large number of websites。

 3. International standard specifications for LOGO
   In order to facilitate the dissemination of information on the INTERNET, a unified international standard is needed。There is actually a whole set of standards。Among them, there are three specifications for the LOGO of the website:
   1.88*31 This is the most common LOGO specifications on the Internet, the site collected are this size。
   2.120*60 This specification is used for logos of average size。
   3.The 120*90 specification is used for large logos。

  Four, LOGO production tools and methods
   It seems that there is no software for making logos, and there is no need for such a software。We usually use the image processing software or also add animation software (if you want to make an animated LOGO) can be very good at this job, such as PHOTOSHOP, FIREWORKS, etc。The production method of the LOGO is also no different from the production of ordinary pictures and animations, the difference is only that the size of it is specified。

 Five, a good LOGO should have the conditions
   Poorfish believes that a good LOGO should have the following conditions, or have several of the conditions:
   1.Meets international standards (duh)
   2.Exquisite and unique
   3.Integrated with the overall style of the site
   4.Can reflect the type of site, content and style

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